About Keen Made

Our Mission

We believe in delivering a high quality product to our clients that will move their business forward. Our products are 100% custom crafted to meet specific requirements and provide solutions to your problems. Other development shops tend to cut corners by using premade templates or open-source software that can make you vulnerable to cyber attacks. We pride ourselves on using industry leading frameworks and practice secure coding methodologies that will help keep your business safe.

Our Technology Stack

We believe the only thing that really matters at the end of the day is that the customer is happy with the final product. But, for those that are curious about what lurks beneath the front-end...

Our preferred technologies are Microsoft based using the .NET framework. For our custom websites we use the latest stable version of Microsoft .NET MVC and Web API, Sql Server, and modern Javascript frameworks when a powerful front end is required.

Our Development Process

When you start a project with us we work with you as a partner and ensure you are kept informed of the project progress and status. For websites, we provide a development environment where you can see and review the progress we have made on your website. We believe insight into our process and your projects development will result in a more complete product.