Our Work

Custom Websites & Software

We take pride in the work we've provided for our clients and are happy to let you see the results.


Cerum is a free to use, cloud based, CRM and Project Management system that helps small businesses stay connected with their customers. Cerum is currently in development.


Guildtag is a free to use cloud based website hosting platform for gamers that helps guild and clan members communicate with each other. Guildtag is currently in development.

YMCA Wreath Sale Website

Each holiday season, the Indian Princess YMCA program in Western Pennsylvania sells wreaths to generate money for their program and charity. They needed a custom website that allows parents to register, create children, and enter their wreath sales in order to streamline the wreath fullfilment process from their vendor. They also had administrative requirements including reporting, order confirmation, and account management. The site we developed for them tracks more than $20,000 in sales per year.

Custom Catering Website

This project allows employees of a large corporation to view the weekly cafeteria menu and create catering orders that help the catering company process and deliver orders more efficiently. The ordering system is a custom built, intuitive, shopping cart style checkout process that allows users to save and edit their orders. Administrators can manage the entire lunch and catering menu at any time. Customers receive transactional order verfication emails and the kitchen staff can edit the order as needed.

Custom Beach Condo Website

Our client needed a modern, clean designed website to list several of their beach condo rental units. Here are some of the features we developed for them:

  • Manage as many properties as needed (description, rates, reviews, pictures, etc.)
  • Integrate with Google Calendar to show reserved dates per property
  • Content managed sections for promotions
  • Transactional emails for property inquiries and reporting on contacts for email blasts.